Anonymous asked: i need some urgent do i become a better muslim? i don't even think i'm putting effort in...

I can’t say i know exactly what to say because i don’t know you or what your life is like, but i will tell you one thing. We all are sinners, each one of us have bad days in which we just lose ourselves and slack a lot, trust me but you shouldn’t let it stop you from striving. The best way to strengthen your imaan is through constant dikhr, make dua, pray salah, read Qur’an and watch lectures online! Insha’Allāh, i can send you so many, if you message me off anon! As hard as it seems, there’s always a way! May Allāh allow you to seek ease in His remembrance and grant you a place in jannah, keep going! :’)



The Earth’s moon 1.5 days after its New Moon phase, with the International Space Station seen streaking across the sky and Jupiter shining amid the clouds.

محاولة لكتابة البسملة بخط النسخ

Whenever we give charity we should consider it a blessing to have been able to give! The more we give the more we are given by The Almighty.
- Mufti Menk